-In Vocal Booth Voice Lessons

-Broadcast Quality Vocal Demos

Tim is a passionate recording artist, an accomplished vocal instructor, and a skilled sound engineer who teaches full-time inside his recording and music production studio. It is in the combination of these three skill sets that Tim truly shines. 

Since Tim is so flooded with music production associated with his full production studio and his music projects Volf Yunge and Sojourn Society, he rarely has time to fully produce full tracks and EP’s for clients.  He does however work with clients to capture the vocals for their projects in his professionally treated vocal booth then sends these broadcast quality recordings off to be integrated with the clients sessions at other studios.  Rarely will a vocalist have the opportunity to record professional quality vocals with a seasoned voice teacher as their sound engineer.  Tim helps clients find their professional vocal sound as well as he captures it.


Professional vocal booth

As of December 2013, Tim is very proud to announce the opening of the in studio recording vocal booth. This booth is acoustically treated to get that perfect “dry” professional sound heard on commercial vocal recordings. He also installed a monitor system so his clients can see and hear him during the recording session or “in-booth” voice lessons. Also, the lights are adjustable so you can have any color and mood your choose for your recording session.

Gear List

Neumann TLM 102, TC Helicon Voicelive Touch, EV RE 20, Various Mics (SM57’s, 58’s, Audix OM2 etc.), Roland Fantom 08, Maschine Mk2, Maschine Mikro, Ableton Launchpad, M-Audio Oxygen 49 , Novation 49SL, AKAI LPK 25, Custom Acoustic Guitar, Cajon, MIDI Foot Drumming Pedals, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Fender P-Bass, PDP live drum set fully mic'd with 8 mic's, Macbook Pro, iMac, 2 ALTO 15inch 800w PA, 2 saffire PRO 40's audio interfaces, 4 iPads, Behringer FCP1010, Mackie Reference Monitors, Rokit SubWoofer, 

                       Studio Software

Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9, Cubase, Pro Tools 9,  Maschine, Komplete 9, BFD2, Addictive Drums, Final Cut Pro X, MainStage 3, Melodyne Editor, Sound Toys Plug-ins,