by Tim Welch and Staff

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**This donation link 👆  will go to app development (already underway,) teaching training seminars, web development, social media marketing, intellectual property lawyers, graphic design,  studio expenses, travel and everything else that goes with creating a universal system aimed to revolutionize the face of private vocal instruction. 🙈🙌 Ahhh!



The "nuts and bolts" of  THE SELFLESS ART OF SINGING VOCAL METHOD are the 15 suites of vocal concepts with over 80 vocal coordinations logically laid out for each teacher and student to partner up in mastering. Instructional materials will include:
  • -iOS/Android and Mac/PC friendly universal membership area and app for students and teachers.
  • membership area includes over 200 training videos for students, and even more for instructors.
  • Universally shared student assessment rubric to gauge progress for teachers and students.
  • Manual for Teachers-to help build a vocal studio and learn how to become a certified teacher of The Selfless Art of Singing Vocal Method.
  • Manual for Students-to assist the student in finding artistic purpose, practice techniques, and deepen a love for the craft while building the specific vocal coordinations.
  • Regular teacher training seminars in the Tri-State area/NYC
  • Students conventions annually in Tri-State area/NYC

"I'm crystal clear on my life's purpose and I'm extremely mindful that donations are used to serve my mission of helping as many singers as I can to find the most joy and excitement from their singing experience as possible.  Not only is this being achieved with The Selfless Art of Singing, but a logic universal platform for teachers has been created as well.  It is easy to feel like an isolated island who has developed your own language when teaching private voice. Many teachers long for more communities to freely discuss voice, however language barriers, varying approaches, and fear of competition have caused complications to this free flow of collective information.  Teachers versed in The Selfless Art of Singing will have a chance to participate in the elastic method as communal discussion will provide the best solutions as a collective mind.  There will be no language barriers between teachers of voice anymore, much like the International Phonetic Alphabet. Since 2003, I have been blessed to have taught over 15,000 voice lessons to every age, background, style, and ability level imaginable. The beginning foundational approaches for the elastic The Selfless Art of Singing method are derived from my years of research in breaking down each element of every style of singing I came in contact with. I hope to use my discoveries as a launching place for others to build from. I also hope this method can provide comfort, stability and peace for young teachers starting out as it can be scary in the beginning to know what to do, much like parenting!

My personal mission and the mission of each teacher of  The Selfless Art of Singing: It's my hope to moment by moment be reminded to be the best selfless conduit of instruction I can be.  It's in this discipline towards selflessness that I am continually reminded of the selflessness required to be a pure artist. It's in this state of selflessness that I am of most service to my students and I have the most fun teaching. 🙌

The Selfless Art of Singing is a system for logically breaking down the tools or "vocal paintbrushes" most commonly used in all styles of singing and learning how to use them systematically. By practicing these tools, you will learn to access them without any effort when the songs calls for it. In the refinement of these tools, you are free to allow your focus to be on the expression which is the continual pursuit of any artist. 

The Selfless Art of Singing is a vocal method designed to train both singers and teachers how to unlock the voice together with a universal systematic technical approach, a Manual for Teachers and a Manual for Singers

AND most importantly!! I'm open to guidance and suggestions on this project as well, not just donations (which OF COURSE we are grateful for.)   I have a lot of AMAZINGLY brilliant and talented people already working on it, and I know so many of you in the community of people I work with have great ideas on how to take things to the next level. 

🙏ful for you All! 

What a wonderful ride!"


Tim :)